We are a family owned and operated septic system maintenance contractor providing services to Jackson, Cass, Lafayette and Johnson counties in Missouri. Mathews Septic Service has years of experience in the plumbing and septic industry and holds certifications in septic installation and Septic Inspections through the state of Missouri. Continued education with these certificates gives us the knowledge to provide the highest level of quality to our customers. We also take pride in educating ourselves about the most recent and cutting edge technologies in the industry. As wastewater treatment professionals we understand that there is no one size fits all answer. We feel it is important to innovate and provide as many options for our customers as possible and are always striving to meet and exceed expectations.

Our mission is to provide prompt, professional and thorough septic system service to our customers. We strive to stay up on the latest trends and practices when it comes to septic system service to answer any questions our clients may have. As with any mechanical system; routine maintenance, inspection and an understanding of the system’s components is key to prolonging the life of the system. We also provide inspections for real estate transactions to assess the conditions of a system. This can help customers to avoid or plan for any costly repairs needed to a system when buying a home. Whether it be hands on maintenance, inspections for real estate transactions, answering questions or giving service tips homeowners can employ themselves, we are here to help.

Septic Tank

Mathews Septic Service provides tank cleaning and Maintenance. We take pride in providing industry leading standards with a personal attention to detail in order to..

Septic Tank Locating and Digging

Many septic tanks are located completely underground and may be difficult to locate and require digging. Mathews Septic Service offers septic tank location and digging to customers.

Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Mathews Septic Service is a Licensed Septic Inspector through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. We take pride in our attention to detail in order to provide a…

They were very dependable and got the job done!
Luke was very friendly and answered our questions.
These guys did a great job, grading and clearing my land!
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