Mathews Septic Service provides tank cleaning and Maintenance. We take pride in providing industry leading standards with a personal attention to detail in order to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Getting your Septic Tank cleaned regularly is one of the keys to properly maintaining a healthy septic system. It is recommended to get your tank pumped out every 3-5 years depending on family size. Following these guidelines can help to avoid emergency situations and costly repairs.

Mathews Septic Service offers tank locating and digging as part of our services or the customer can locate and dig the tank themselves to avoid the additional fees.
If you are unsure of where your septic system is located, your local health department should have a drawing that includes the tank location as long as your septic system is registered.

Also included in our services are RV and camper black water tank cleanout. We also service holding tanks.

Here are some additional ways to maintain a healthy Septic System:

Never dump grease or fat down the drain. This will eventually harden in your pipes and clog your septic system.

Make sure the toilet paper you use is labeled ‘septic safe’ OR use a bidet. Less Toilet paper is always better!

Flushable wipes do not actually break down in your septic system so it is best if you throw those in the trash after use and do not flush them down your toilet. These can wreak havoc on your septic system over time.

Products labelled to treat septic systems can actually harm your system by destroying the natural bacteria in your system that helps to break down solids.

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